Natfood Australia

Natfood began in 1999 supplying beverage solutions to hotel and catering businesses. Since then, they have become leaders in the hospitality industry: serving 30,000 clients worldwide, 40,000 cafes in Italy, and supplying products in over 90 countries. In 2017, the company saw turnover of 36 million Euro.

Natfood are pioneers in producing innovative beverage solutions which are not easily replicated. With the rising need of allergen-conscious solutions, Natfood has in recent years expanded their offerings to include gluten-free and lactose-free options.


Our Machines

Australian cafes have welcomed the unique and growing range of Natfood beverage products and solutions. Since beginning in the Australian market in 2016, Natfood have supplied more than 200 machines into cafes, restaurants, bars, function & conference centres and mobile food trucks. Thanks to a robust support and maintenance service, machines are kept running efficiently and reliably day after day.

Machines are compatible with an always-growing range of Cold Cream flavours. The four currently available are Lemon, Vanilla, Coffee and Hazelnut.

Our Service & Maintenance

Natfood service ensures all machines are always running, with a scheduled maintenance agreement which sees technicians visit all machines on an eight-week schedule. We provide comprehensive on-site training for all staff members, covering machine operation, safety, cleaning, hygiene and basic maintenance.

Natfood’s stringent care and maintenance support promotes longevity, reliability and durability in its machines.